Santa Cruz Good Times – The Pork Club – El Salchichero delivers a passionate mix of meaty, mouthwatering adventures

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

“The first rule of Pork Club is: you do not talk about Pork Club, at least not to your vegetarian friends. Held after dark at one end of the Westside Swift Street Courtyard complex, the classes at El Salchichero have the feeling of clandestine meetings.” more

edible Monterey Bay – EDIBLE ARTISANS CHARCUTERIE – New masters revive an age-old craft

Winter 2011

“The classic, corner butcher shop has slowly disappeared,” says Chris LaVeque, owner of the two-year-old, full-service, custom butchery el Salchichero (Spanish for sausage maker) in Santa Cruz. “I want to bring that tradition back—the tradition of having a relationship with your butcher, of knowing where your meat is coming from.” And with the rising tide of the locavore movement, he’s poised to do just that. more »

Santa Cruz Sentinel – The Natural: Chris LaVeque has found his niche as El Salchichero — the sausage maker

05/25/2011 01:30:43 AM PDT

Chris LaVeque was born to cook.
The 26-year-old Boulder Creek native grew up in a family that raises its own heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving, and crafts condiments like horseradish and relish from scratch.

At Thanksgiving, I get as excited as a 3-year-old at Christmas,” said the burly, baby-faced chef. “Both sides of my family love to cook and love to eat.” more »

Santa Cruz Restaurant Examiner – Tara Fatemi Walker

February 13th, 2011 3:46 pm PT

el Salchichero butcher shop opens in Santa Cruz with local handmade charcuterie
The long-awaited el Salchichero butcher shop, operated by Chris LaVeque, opened Friday in Santa Cruz at Swift Street Courtyard. more »


Yelp! – Greg B.’s Review

February 13th, 2011

Foodie who eats and tells
San Jose, CA

Absolutely Wonderful. Amazing. The Real Deal.

Ok. Sorry to gush here, not my style, however, this is the type of establishment that makes you proud to be a foodie. Its everything a charcuterie should be. Its a carnivore’s delight. Purveyor Chris LaVeque has created an environment that showcases his talents as a butcher. I became familiar with Mr. LaVeque and his craft at the Live Oak farmers market where he presented his hand made sausages and meat products. I’ve been waiting for the opening of his establishment for over a year. It was worth the wait.

Purchased two double cut pork chops on Saturday. They were perfectly frenched and just under a pound each. After brining for a day, quick sear and pan finishing, Sunday dinner was exquisite. The meat was remarkably different from store bought product. Truly outstanding. Yes, it costs more. Its worth it.

Try the sausage, salumi is coming in a few weeks. We are fortunate to have a local butcher and charcuterie of this caliber south of San Francisco.

Highly recommended. Enjoy!
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