Farms not Factories

Butchery is a dying art. Charcuterie is near extinct for that matter. The old traditions bit the dust to make way for more profit. Animals were now numbers and cured meats became products. The 1940’s gave way to the grocery store mentality: the “one stop shop”, which provided convenience and low prices. What more could Americans ask for? To meet this demand farms became factories. Pastured animals were forced to live on top of one another, stacked like cards. Massive amounts of hormones and antibiotics became the standard, and still are today. At el Salchichero we reject the ways of the factory and embrace a more sustainable approach to living. The life of the farm animal and average person are highly entwined. Industrial farming affects everyone. The chemicals, hormones, and general crud fed to these animals stays in the meat even right up to the moment they are displayed in your local grocery store’s display case. The small farmer is forced to sell their animals at a cheap price to massive corporate operations. The local water supply is compromised from runoff and pollution. A sad story, but wait, there is good news.

Here at el Salchichero, we are committed to completely sustainable practices. All the animals have been raised on pasture in a stress free environment. We are actually a bit jealous of some of their accommodations. They roam on lush rolling hills, amidst panoramic ocean views and are shaded by towering oaks and redwoods within the Santa Cruz foodshed. You will notice the meat tastes different. Animals that are raised without stress and chemicals taste damn good. The flavor is rich, full and more complex. The way meat was meant to originally taste.

Respect is important. We give this by cutting in a style your great grandpa may have. The animals are cut by hand and by a single person. No assembly lines and conveyor belts. We use everything, nose to tail as they say. We are working to change the norm, but we can’t do it alone.

Join us in the sustainable meat movement sweeping across America and make some real change.

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