Chris LaVeque Posted on 20 Oct 17:21

Chris is no ordinary butcher. As the boss at el Salchichero, he wouldn't have it any other way. With a background that includes culinary school, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a Michelin starred restaurant, he’s made a point to buck convention throughout his career—especially when it comes to you and your appetite. In fact, it wasn’t until he saw portions of a cow at a restaurant that he knew he wanted to butcher. It was love at first sight; he marveled in the way the chefs methodically and artfully butchered the cuts of meat. From that point forward, his true culinary quest began. For years afterward, he worked in a professional kitchen until finally the stars aligned and el Salchichero was born. 

Using only local, sustainably raised animals, the flavors at his shop are ferocious and can be singular or complex. He insists that he and his butchers work with ingredients that are only in season which guarantees a constantly rotating arsenal of recipes. It’s a challenge he and his crew relish in; they enjoy brainstorming new flavors as much as they love curating them. He also insists they abide by a very specific code: use every part of the animal, snout-to-tail. He upholds that same attitude with your taste buds: his cuts will put every one of them to use.