Adam Posted on 20 Oct 17:00

Adam is our shop assistant manager who joined us from Ben Lomond Market, where he was the Meat Department Manager for over five years. As Chris’s long-time friend, Adam knew from the start that he wanted to work at el Salchichero. He loves talking to customers about recipes, while offering advice on cooking times and temperatures. He has mad knife skills and can tie a roast in his sleep.

When he’s not at the shop or going to a 49ers games, you can find him testing recipes in his own home kitchen or subbing for Bob at the farmers market. When it comes to your taste buds, his memory is incredible; he is widely regarded for recalling many of his customer’s orders on a whim. Working with meat has taught him a valuable lesson: while each shop customer is different, market clientele is equally varied. So, if you get to experience his customer service at the market or at the shop, let him know what your favorite products and (most importantly) what you’ve been up to in the kitchen.