Locally Raised And Artfully
Hand-Cut Meats

At el Salchichero we provide delicious, top quality local meats that connect you to your community through healthy and mindful eating. We are passionate about the local foods we source from sustainable pasture raised animals. With our beautiful hand-cut meats, you’ll always know your food is from a carefully selected farm, with the highest and most humane standards. As your community butcher we artfully carve your meats and take great pride in bringing chef-driven, seasonally inspired recipes to your table. We hope you’ll visit our neighborhood shop or catch us at the local farmers market, until then, have a look around.
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Our Sources

At el Salchichero we use only pasture raised animals from a very select group of local farms. Our ranchers believe in sustainable agriculture and treat their animals with the utmost respect. With our partnership, we provide you with the best meat products from locally sourced, and humanely raised animals.

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Our Butchers

Respect is important. We give this by cutting in a style your great grandpa may have. The animals are cut by hand and by a single person. No assembly lines and conveyor belts. We use everything, nose to tail as they say. We are working to change the norm, but we can’t do it alone.

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